Ferries to France from England



Ferries to France from England

Ferries to France

Cross-channel ferries are the most popular method of travel from England to France. Since the two countries are so close, it is a convenient way to travel and avoid the hassles of flying. Ferries leave from a variety of ports along the UK’s coast and travel regularly to popular French port cities. Dover to Calais is the shortest and most popular crossing and is served by P&O Ferries and SeaFrance. Norfolk line also offer a Dover to Boulogne service which provides an alternative to the busier Calais port.

Other options are Brittany Ferries services to the Western Channel. Portsmouth is a popular departure point to French ports with services to Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre and St Malo. Brittany Ferries also sail from Plymouth to Roscoff and St Malo. while Condor Ferries sail on a convenient schedule to St Malo from Weymouth.

Paris, the capital of France, is renowned for its culture and sophistication, with more galleries and museums than anywhere else in France. The Rue de France “Zone Pietonne” (Pedestrian Zone) is a hub of activity not to be missed. The area is frequented by street entertainers, gourmet food shops, clothing stores, book stores and more. Ducs de Gascogne is one shop to be sure to see. Sit at a sidewalk café taking your time to enjoy crepes and café au lait while enjoying the French ambiance.

Nice is a popular destination for ferries to France. The city is an attraction in itself, providing deep blue-green seas off its beaches, streets lined with art deco façades, and a variety of French boutiques and restaurants.

Henri Matisse inspired by the beauties of Nice expressed that in his fresh colors and lines of his paintings. The Matisse museum there displays his works from his early years as an artist when his paintings were more traditional and follows the transitions to the end of his life. Some of his personal effects are also encased for viewing. Prints of many of the artist’s paintings can be purchased for the walls back home.

Other favored ferry destinations are the oldest city in France, Marseille, with its lively culture and unique heritage, and Toulon. The charming harbour there is always dotted with sailboats and the surrounding shore offers restaurants and shops where friends can meet for lunch or shopping.

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