Celtic Link Ferries


Celtic Link Ferries sail between France and Ireland on a modern fleet of ferries. Use the search below to find great fares on all Celtic Link ferry services.

Established in 2005, Celtic Link Ferry Line encompasses both passenger and freight services from Rosslare, Ireland and Cherbourg, France. This Irish-owned ferry company prides itself in providing low fares for its customers. Although it is a relatively new company, Celtic Link is seeing a growing demand in the specific service it supplies.

Celtic Link Ferries provides reliable, regular transport service for passengers, cars, and freight. They have made low fares the norm with few frills added, giving the best value for the service. Celtic Link makes three crossings to and from Ireland and France weekly. This route complements the services existing from other ferry operators.

Celtic Link Ferries’ home port is on Ireland’s sunny, south-eastern coast in Rosslare Harbour. It is close to Dublin, the medieval city of Waterford, picturesque Kilmore Quay in Wexford and Brittas Bay in Wicklow. The Harbour provides access to the Irish inland in a variety of ways. Rosslare is serviced by Bus Eireann—the national bus company—departing hourly. Their service takes travelers to all corners of the country. Tranroid Eireann—Ireland’s rail service—has a terminal located conveniently within the Port making Rosslare the ideal beginning for a trip through Ireland. Car rentals are also available at the terminal and may be hired and waiting through a simple phone call.

The Norman Voyager is Celtic Link’s main ship, having 110 spacious, comfortable cabins. Its restaurant, Le Bistro du Norman provides a self-service buffet style meal. The Shamrock Pub, a cinema, Wi-Fi access, shopping area, and excellent lounges make the 17 hour sail to Cherbourg enjoyable for every passenger.

Celtic Link held a competition to name the new vessel they launched in October of 2011. The name chosen was “Celtic Horizon” displaying the forward looking ideology of this company. This new ship will replace the Norman Voyager. Its acquisition reinforces their commitment to affordable, reliable, year ‘round service between Ireland and the continent. This new ship will contain more bars, restaurants, play areas, and other additional amenities. The Celtic Horizon will become the newest and fastest vessel sailing this route and the only ship sailing throughout the year. Inexpensive cruises to Cherbourg will become easier and more luxurious than before. The company will continue to ignore accepted pricing ideologies, offering customers the lowest priced travel between Ireland and France.

One of the comprehensive trips provided by Celtic Link Ferries is a Short Break Wine Tour. They take travellers and their car across to France, allowing time to purchase their favourite French wines and sail back to Ireland. The trip includes a two berth outside cabin there and back. Approximately five hours on shore is provided depending on the sailing schedule. Additional passengers in the car may be included at discounted prices.

There are many reasons to travel with Celtic Link Ferries beyond their low prices. Baby cots and reclining leather seats are provided at no additional cost. Pets travel free, and roof boxes may be accessed by passengers with no upgrade charges. Passengers with mobility problems can call the enquiry number in advance of their sailing so that Celtic Link’s friendly staff can be available to provide the assistance needed.

Celtic Link’s current timetable has Rosslare departures on Tuesday and Thursday at 2130 with arrival in Cherbourg Wednesday at 1530 and Friday at 1630. Their Saturday departure time is 1800, with Sunday arrival at 1200. Return trips from Cherbourg leave Wednesday at 2100, Friday at 2200, and Sunday at 1900 arriving back in Rosslare at 1500 on Thursday, 1300 on Saturday and 1200 on Monday making two-way travel not just inexpensive but convenient for holiday and business travellers any time.

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