Condor Ferries


Condor Ferries are the only ferry operator sailing to the Channel Islands, and they have a choice of conventional or high speed ferries.

Condor Ferries Routes


Two Channel Island businessmen founded Condor Ferries due to dissatisfaction with the services that were operating between the Channel Islands and France in 1964. Their passengers were impressed by the speed of the crossings. Between 1964 and 1966 Condor continued to invest in fast ferry technology as their passenger base increased from 10,000 to 60,000. Today their fleet offers unrivalled comfort, speed and quality service.

Condor Ferries provides the fastest service (5 hours) to St. Malo, France from both Weymouth and Poole. A conventional Sunday ferry serves Portsmouth to Cherbourg during the summer months proving perfect for holiday camping and caravanning.

From Weymouth and Poole, Condor also has service to Jersey (3 hours) and Guernsey (2 hours) carrying bikes, cars or caravans. They also have ferries between the islands, and on to St. Malo from Jersey (in just over one hour) and Guernsey (an additional 2 hours.)

From its inception Condor Ferries has worked to make their passengers’ experience perfect. They strive to provide the finest service from the moment of contact until the traveller has returned home. Amenities aboard their ferries include duty free shopping for such items as fragrances, wines, beers, spirits, cosmetics, tobacco and cigarettes, electronic goods and confectionery; choice restaurants, casual eating areas, bars, and a Bureau de Change.

The Condor Express and Condor Vitesse ferries are large enough to carry 175 vehicles and 741 passengers speedily across the Channel. These were added to the fleet in 1997/1998 continuing the constant upgrading of Condor’s equipment. The computerised ride-control onboard these high speed ferries promises the smoothest possible ride. While crossing, travellers enjoy spacious air-conditioned lounges with seating for every passenger. A cafeteria provides hot delicious home-style meals and hot or cold snacks. A children’s TV room shows movies and television appropriate for youngsters.

The Condor Rapide began service in 1997 operating between Jersey and Guernsey and St. Malo, France. This ferry carries the same number of cars and passengers as the Express and Vitesse and provides all the same amenities.

Condor’s Commodore a purpose-built clipper conventional ferry joined the line in 1999. This ferry’s scheduled route operates daily between Portsmouth and the Islands. With a capacity for 100 cars and 300 passengers, it boasts en suite cabins, reclining seating, a lounge bar, brasserie, duty-free shop, children’s area, and club class. The Commodore’s high quality cafeteria-style menu affords a wide variety of food choices and great value. Travellers who book cabins on the overnight sailings receive a voucher for a complimentary breakfast.

Pre-assigned, comfortable seating is provided on all Condor Ferries allowing travellers to choose upper or lower decks. Passengers with limited mobility may use disabled lifts which provide access to and from the car decks. On Condor’s fast ferries, internal lifts which are easy to use allow access to toilet facilities, baby changing areas and the children’s play room.

The Condor Traveller Bar is located on the fleet’s upper deck where guests can order soft drinks, alcoholic beverages including wine and beer, their daily newspaper, chocolates and other confectionery, magazines, books, and other essentials. The Bureau de Change (on all ferries destined for France) offers competitive exchange rates for pounds into euros.

A touch of class is added to the crossing experience by utilising Club Class. This upgrade provides stylish comfort for discerning travellers. This private area includes tables for working or relaxing, complimentary newspapers, a selection of muffins, tea and coffee. Club Class is available on routes from the Channel Islands to St. Malo, inter-island routes, from the UK to the Channel Islands, and those from the UK to France. Children of all ages may be included in Club Class.