Ferries to Belgium from the UK

Hull to Zeebrugge (P&O Ferries) are the only operator sailing to Belgium from the UK following the demise of Transeuropa’s Ramsgate to Ostend service.


There are two routes available for ferries to Belgium from the UK. The Hull to Zeebrugge ferry sails daily on an overnight crossing from Hull to Zeebrugge and takes around 12 hours. Ramsgate to Ostend is operated by Transeuropa ferries sailing up to three times a day and takes around 4 hours.

If you don’t want to travel by ferry, you can also use the Eurostar from Ashford to Brussels.

  • Hull to Zeebrugge (P&O Ferries). Up to 7 sailings per week. Duration 12 hours 15 minutes.
  • Ramsgate to Ostend (Transeuropa Ferries). Up to 3 sailings per day. Duration 4 hours.

About Belgium

Belgium is a fascinating country to visit on holiday. Taking a ferry from England to Belgium means that travellers can take bicycles, motorbikes, cars or caravans with them on their trip, as well as travel on foot.

P&O Ferries offers 7 weekly departures from Hull to Zeebrugge which takes around 12 hours to cross. The other option is provided by Transeuropa Ferries from Ramsgate to Ostend. Those ferries leave 4 times daily and the crossing lasts 4 hours.

Bruges is a city about 10 miles from Zeebrugge. Shopping in Bruges provides access to everything Belgian: lace table cloths, curtains, doilies, wall hangings, and other specialty lace items. Chocolates of every variety and description, local ceramics, art, curios and souvenirs are found in shops within the town. Boutiques, restaurants offering Belgian cuisine, and specialty food shops are everywhere. Canal tours provide a unique, inexpensive perspective of this city’s historic buildings.

Cosmopolitan Ostend shows a totally different aspect of Belgium. The harbor contains a variety of yachts and hotels. Theatre by the Sea, Sparkling Mondays, Magic Lights in the Park, Carnival Weekend with the “Dead Rat Ball,” and the Christmas Market are some activities taking place year ‘round. There is no better place to enjoy delicacies from the sea in restaurants which vary from cosy bistros to swinging hot spots.

Fascinating sites include the Museum “De Plate” situated in a former residence of the Belgian Royal Family built in 1834. Belgium’s first Queen, Louise-Marie, lived most of her life there and died in it, October of 1850. The museum honours Oostende’s colourful history in pictures and writings. Sixty live ocean animals live within the 13 sections of the North Sea Aquarium.

The “Domain Raversijde” includes the Atlantikwall consisting of 60 constructions connected by 2 kilometres of tunnels, open-air and underground which testify to the horrors of war witnessed in this land. Walraversijde is a reconstructed medieval fishemens’ village. The excavation site, interactive museum and exhibition, and archaeologist’s house take visitors back in time.